Poster and Synopsis For ANIMALS

I've just today heard about this upcoming Australian zombie film ANIMALS. With a script which has been described as "Mad Max meets Romper Stomper" I am definitely intrigued. Below you can find the first poster and the synopsis courtesy of Horror-movies.ca

ANIMALS is directed by Edward Drake and stars Dave Lamb, Sweeney Young, Melissa Howard, Reg Corman and Scott Brennan.

Synopsis: “Animals is a bold and ambitious project about Marcus Young, a shaken young man trying to find his place in the world in the wake of a global pandemic. When Marcus learns that the love of his life, Sarah Finch, a woman he hasn’t seen in almost two years, is trapped in a massive reserve known as the Red Zone, Marcus launches a suicidal bid to save her from forces conspiring to stop her uncovering a laboratory abandoned at the height of the plague. But when Marcus enters the Red Zone, with the help of his estranged and tormented brother, he must confront the demons from his past and learn to move on.”

For more information visit the official website and Facebook page

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