HORSEBACK is just one of those bands whose music I have trouble with when trying to translate it into words. You really need to listen to the music to get a feel for it, which is why this will be a relatively short review.

Words like drone, ambient, psychedelic, noise-rock are just a few which come to mind when describing HORSEBACK but these terms seem to bring with them a feeling of pretentiousness which in this case is utterly unjustified. HALF BLOOD is possibly my favorite album of the year so far and it perfectly showcases HORSEBACK's unique style of blending sounds which really shouldn't mix but in reality do so in splendid fashion. Soft, groovy, flowing guitar riffs are blended with harsh vocals most people would associate with black metal. The first couple of tracks feel like a welcome return to 2009's THE INVISIBLE MOUNTAIN while the last few tracks are an absolutely entrancing display of droning ambient noise. HALF BLOOD is definitely one of those albums which seems to get better each time you hear it.
HORSEBACK is definitely not a band for everybody, but I really urge you to give this a listen.

01. Mithras
02. Ahriman
03. Inheritance (The Changeling)
04. Arjuna
05. Hallucigenia I: Hermetic Gifts
06. Hallucigenia II: Spiritual Junk
07. Hallucigenia III: The Emerald Tablet

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