I fucking love horror movies so it's pretty much a given that I'm going to be interested in horror themed music. I've been in love with the music of CALABRESE for years now and they're one of my all time favorite bands. Inevitably when a band bases their musical output around horror and the occult they are at some point going to be compared to bands like the MISFITS or SAMHAIN. It's pretty much a rule. Forget all of that when you first dive into a CALABRESE album though because although their themes may be similar, these guys have done a great job carving out their own little niche and developing their own unique sound.

DAYGLO NECROS is officially released today, but if you were lucky enough to pre order it as I was then you should already have it. I've actually had this album for a week or two and for during that time it has earned a permanent place in my car stereo. Yes that's how good it is. But if you're at all familiar with the band then that will probably come as no surprise at all because the CALABRESE brothers have continued their trend of somehow one-upping each previous album. I found it hard to believe that they could top THEY CALL US DEATH but they've done it.
The songs here are the tightest and best sounding of all their releases and the music is much more expansive, with plenty of aggressive riffs, kickass bass lines, awesome drum work and plenty of harmonies. Lyrically the album is similar to their previous album with a larger focus on occult themes and as usual the album is peppered with classic horror samples.

If you're already a CALABRESE fan then you need this album. It is by far their most ambitious, mature and most impressive release to date. If you aren't a fan then I suggest you check out the song below and then if you like it, head over to their site and get your hands on a copy of this fine album. CALABRESE is the world's greatest horror rock band!

01. The Dead Don't Rise
02. Coffin of Ruins
03. Heart Possession
04. Ghostwolves
05. The Man Who Lived Twice
06. She Hasn't Been Herself in Years
07. Darkhold
08. Red Slash
09. Hungry Are the Dogs
10. History of Nothing
11. Bring Us Hell
12. Damned to the Night
13. Sea of Dirt

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