Indie Spotlight: DARK HOLLOW

DARK HOLLOW is the sophomore effort from director Paul Campion who last brought us the demonic Nazi film THE DEVIL'S ROCK. The film is an adaptation of bestselling author Brian Keen's novel of the same name and concerns a writer who discovers an evil creature living in the forest. And it just so happens that Campion used to be a visual effects artist for WETA, working on the likes of the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy and has managed to get them on board so expect some impressive creature effects. Read on below for the synopsis, trailer and poster and if you like what you see make sure you go check out the official Facebook page for further updates.

Synopsis: "Set in a small Central Pennsylvania town that borders a woodland with a sinister reputation, Dark Hollow sees women beginning to disappear. Strange pipe music can be heard drifting in from the woods, which has a strange effect on the libidos of those who hear it. The trees in the woods seem to move with a will of their own. Adam Shay, a mid level mystery writer, and a small group of his neighbours discover the evil behind this and become determined to put a stop to it, leading to a showdown with the force orchestrating the disappearances"

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