New Images From Christina Lindberg's CRY FOR REVENGE

Well this is certainly looking interesting. Any fans of the cult classic THRILLER (THEY CALL HER ONE EYE) should be keeping an eye out for CRY FOR REVENGE starring Christina Lindberg. The grindhouse icon is donning the eyepatch once again in what I assume is some kind of follow up to the original 1973 film. Details are fairly scarce at the moment but the film's IMDb page has a synopsis which sounds strikingly similar to THRILLER's.

CRY FOR REVENGE will star Christina Lindberg as Candy, with actress Stefanie Vuleta playing the younger version of the same character. The film is directed by Todd Fischer and also stars Christian J. Simpson, Erin Belle, Ashley Cambron, Shay Gilbert, Michelle Kruse, Cassie Lynn Young, Mika Kron and Stephanie Fischer among others.

Check out the latest stills below courtesy of Fangoria, along with a couple of one sheets released last week. Stay tuned for more details as they come and don't forget to go check out the film's official Facebook page.

Synopsis: "They took her innocence, they poisoned her mind, they ravaged her body, they left her for dead. Now they'll beg for mercy and she'll cry for revenge"

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