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Although Lucio Fulci may be known best for his gore films such as ZOMBIE and THE BEYOND he dabbled in genres as diverse as giallo, western and comedy. And in 1983 during the sword and sorcery craze (inspired by the success of CONAN THE BARBARIAN) he tried his hand at crafting his own unique version. Although CONQUEST has all of the trademarks of the genre; namely muscled warriors, masked villains and a primeval setting, it also features Fulci's personal trademarks; gore and nudity. There are even some neat ZOMBIE-esque undead creatures. This is one of Fulci's more underappreciated films and personally I'd pick this over CONAN any day.

CONQUEST: "Italian sword and sorcery epic from splatter director Lucio Fulci loosely inspired from the Hercules mythos about two warriors on a quest and a vengeful demon who throws all kinds of nasty creatures along the way to fill scenes of gory violence"

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