Things Heat Up In 247°F

People getting steamed to death has always been a favorite of mine. One of my friends and I used to sit around at school and draw people dying in horrible ways, and the best one I ever drew was of somebody who had been locked in a sauna. So it's safe to say I'll will definitely be seeing this new film which centres around three friends who find themselves trapped in a sauna, with the temperature steadily climbing to a skin-peeling 247°F (just under 120°C)

Synopsis: Jenna, Renee, Ian and Michael, arrive at a lake house owned by Ian's uncle Wade. Planning for party and fun, 3 of them end up locked in the sauna. First they think it is Michael playing jokes on them, but soon they realize that no one is coming to help, not even Wade. The heat is rising, situation is tense, bodies are to their limits and personalities change - staying alive is not easy anymore. Braking the window makes things even worse, cool air will trick the thermostat, to run the heater full blast. They need to get out, but all they can do is wait - but wait for what, wait for who?! Michael is not coming, and Wade thinks they are at the party. As bodies weaken mind becomes their first enemy, and patience is on the edge.

247°F stars:
Scout Taylor-Compton (Halloween)
Tyler Mane (Halloween)
Travis van Winkle (Friday the 13th)
Michael Copon (Night of the Demons)
Christina Ulloa (Charmed)
Although according to Wikipedia, Tyler Mane and Mane Productions are no longer affiliated with the film as of October 2011.

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