FURY ROAD Could Launch New Mad Max Trilogy

With MAD MAX: FURY ROAD in the works, director George Miller has announced the possibility of a further two sequels. In a recent interview with AFR Magazine he says:

“We started with [Fury Road], but we then started to do a second story and a third. We’ve written the script for the second and almost finished the third. We never intended to, they were part of the exploration of the characters.”

But obviously before any of this is possible, FURY ROAD still needs to be made. It has been delayed multiple times due to unexpected weather conditions in Australia, but Warner Bros have pumped extra money into the budget for the film to be shot in the Namibian desert. The movie is set to star Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron in lead roles and filming will begin in April next year.
There has also been talk of a FURY ROAD game adaptation coming from the game studio Kennedy Miller Mitchell Interactive, which is staffed by the remnants of Krome and Team Bondi.
Check below to see some of the badass vehicles set to appear in the upcoming film.

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