Paint Farts By Tom Six

Yes you read that correctly, Paint Farts By Tom Six. I found this little gem while browsing Horror-movies.ca recently and just had to share it. Paint Farts is a website where you can view and even purchase genuine paintings from Human Centipede director Tom Six. To call these art might be a bit of a stretch, but no doubt there are people out there more than willing to lay down some cash for these twisted works. If you've seen either of The Human Centipede films then you'll probably have a good idea of what to expect from Tom's work. With titles like 'Anal Birth', 'Used Tampon' and 'Shit Mouth' I think it's safe to say that this site is probably NSFW, but I will include a few of the 'safer' examples below.
Check out the official site for more.


  1. That is interesting though I'm not sure if I'd hang any on my wall....well, maybe the My Little Pony one..

  2. Certainly not something you'd want hanging on the kitchen wall during dinner time :/