Last week I reviewed the latest EP from Philadelphia-based band CAPA and now I'm pleased to bring you a review of another EP from another Pennsylvania band. This time it's BETWEEN DAYS, an indie/ambient/rock project from Doylestown headed by Kenny Miller. After two years writing and recording material BETWEEN DAYS released their debut album ALL THE WATER; IT FLOWS OUT TO SEA on Lillian Records.
On June 5th after three months of recording, their second offering BEFORE I SAY GOODBYE was released.

The EP consists of three tracks titled Birth, Life and Death with a total running time of around 15 minutes.
Although there are three separate tracks, the way the run effortlessly into each other without pause makes it seem more like a single song with three distinct phases.
Birth begins softly, introducing muted drums and a nice simple guitar line accompanied by soft piano, synth and most interestingly a spoken word track which seems to consist of some nostalgic conversation. The drums cut out for the beginning of Life before starting back in a little more vigorously followed by some distraught vocals which fall back as the spoken word settles back in.
While not being particularly loud or fast, Death is the most aggressive of the three tracks and also the longest and consists of more vocals, faster drums, synths and is in my opinion the most effective track on this EP.

BEFORE I SAY GOOBDYE is a beautifully crafted piece of ambient rock. I have a feeling the spoken word track has a some deep personal meaning which may be lost on most listeners but still proves how good a medium music can be for conveying emotion. The combination of simple but effective guitar, delicate drums, piano, synth and bass accompanied by the spoken word and vocals makes this a very comfortable and easy to listen to piece of music. The way the three tracks run seamlessly into each other while still remaining individually distinct gives the EP a very definite beginning, middle and end with all three parts working together perfectly. I can easily recommend this if you're into ambient rock, instrumental and other similar genres.

BEFORE I SAY GOODBYE is available to download free via the following links.

01. Birth
02. Life
03. Death

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