MURDERDROME Full Length Trailer

Almost 12 months ago now you may have seen the teaser trailer for the upcoming Aussie roller derby slasher  flick MURDERDROME. If you liked what you saw then you're going to love the full length trailer below as well as some brand new concept art. For more info on when and how you can see MURDERDROME check out the official websiteYoutube channel and Facebook page. My advice is to keep an eye out for this because it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

Synopsis: "Like any good Roller Derby player Cherry Skye wears her undies on the outside and her panties on her head. It's no wonder she's caught the eye of spunky Brad Blunt. Unfortunately she's also earned the ire of Brad's ex, Hell Grazer, a girl born to win and ready to skate over anything in her path to get what she wants.

When romantic rivalries flare, the conflict rolls onto the streets and awakens the malevolent demon-spirit of a murderess. Suddenly Skye is sprinting towards the MurderDrome at breakneck speed, pursued by supernatural evil, the wrath of a lover scorned, and when she gets there there's no guarantees anyone is coming out alive.
Welcome to The MurderDrome, it's not a game anymore..."

MURDERDROME stars Amber Sajben, Bianca Currie, Jake Brown, Rachael Blackwood, Kat Anderson, Cyndi Lawbreaker, Max Marchione, Gerry Mahoney, Daisy Masterman, Laura Soall, Tommy Hellfire, Dayna Seville, Demonique Deluxe, Pepper Minx, and Mary Poppinskulls.

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