Savini's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Shambles Onto Blu-ray

Personally I'm a huge fan of the original NOTLD (probably my all time favorite zombie movies in fact) and I didn't really like the 1990 remake. But then again it was approved by Romero himself and if he liked it then I guess it's not so bad. Either way, it's finally getting a Blu-ray release (limited to 3,000 copies) and is currently available for pre-order through ScreenArchives. Check out the artwork and details below.

Special Features:
  • Isolated Score Track 
  • Audio Commentary with Filmmaker Tom Savini 
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

Synopsis: “Night of the Living Dead (1990)—a George Romero-approved remake of his 1968 cult horror classic, directed by makeup wizard Tom Savini—tells once again the chilling tale of seven people holed-up in a farmhouse besieged by armies of the un-dead. As the terrified little group fights for their lives, they begin to find themselves as plagued by the evil lurking within as by the ravening flesh-eaters battering on hastily boarded-up windows and doors. “Splatter King” Savini keeps things moving—and the blood flowing—as the survivors dwindle one by one”

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