Directed by: Drew Goddard
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Connolly, Jesse Williams

Since THE CABIN IN THE WOODS is one of those movies where you're better off going in knowing as little as possible, I won't say too much and so this will be a pretty short review.

The movie starts off in possibly the most cliché way imaginable. Five young friends are preparing for a trip to a cabin deep in the woods, to get away from everything and basically chill out. The characters represent what you might expect to see in any of the FRIDAY THE 13TH films, there's the amorous couple, the stoner, the nerdy nice guy and the shy 'virgin'. On their way to the cabin they come across a run-down, backwater gas station where they are met by a run-down, backwater man. Vague and ominous warnings are of course ignored and they continue on their way. They finally arrive and get settled in, but once the cellar door is flung open, shit starts to get crazy.

As I said this will be a short review because I know if I say too much it could easily spoil the movie.First of all I'll say that this is definitely not what you're expecting. It starts out cliché as fuck, but soon everything is completely flipped on its head. It's not a particularly scary movie although it is absolutely full of elements you would find in just about every horror movie you've ever seen. Parody, cliches and stereotypes are all used here but they are used in such a way that brings a really different vibe to the film.

There's a nice blend of horror, sci-fi and comedy here, and lots of surprises to be had. You'll also undoubtedly see lots of references to other horror films along the way. And if you look deep enough you may even get a clear view of the metaphorical, philosophical side of the film. This actually hit me a couple of days after initially watching it, and it is honestly really, really clever.
As for the technical side of the movie, it's actually pretty damn good. It looks great, it sounds great, the acting and writing are both good and the pacing is nice. Makeup and practical effects look awesome although there is a sudden burst of CGI which I could probably have done without.
The best part about it though is that it's something new. Something different. And that's as good a reason to go see it as any. Highly recommended.

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