LAID TO REST (2009) Review

Directed by: Robert Hall
Starring: Bobbi Sue Luther, Kevin Gage, Lena Headey

I'm not quite sure why, but I have a real soft spot for this movie. I know that it's nothing new or spectacular in horror, but I love it all the same. Every now and then I like to watch a horror film that doesn't require too much thinking, or even your full attention. In fact this is the kind of movie that you could miss quite a large chunk of and still have a pretty good idea what has happened.

The film starts off with a disoriented young girl waking up in a coffin. She has no idea where she is, who she is or why she is lying in a casket inside a funeral home. Before long we meet the man who put her there. Chromeskull. True to his name, his only really distinguishable feature is the chrome skull mask he wears over his face. He also has a video camera perched on his shoulder. So although the unknown female (Bobbi Sue Luther) has no idea what is happening, she realizes quite quickly that Chromeskull is not a nice guy. The rest of the film is rather generic (but not in a bad way) with the girl being chased by the villain, meeting some people who try and help her along the way, and narrowly avoiding death while realizing her ultimate goal. Defeating Chromeskull.

I loved the fact that the villain's motives are unmentioned, rather than trying to be explained by some type of sob story about his upbringing or treatment by society. A lot of horror fans might not be too impressed with Laid to Rest, but if you're looking for a fun horror film with a simple plot and some gruesome death scenes, then this is the movie for you. And as far as horror film villains go, I think if given a chance, Chromeskull could be up there with the likes of Jason, Freddy, Michael and Pinhead.

Laid to Rest II is also coming. Direct to DVD on September 20th.

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