Directed by: Ryuhei Kitamura
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb, Vinnie Jones

This film is actually an adaptation of a short story by Clive Barker, who just happens to be one of my favorite authors. Although there have been good film adaptations of his work, (Hellraiser, Candyman) this isn't one of the best but at the same time it definitely isn't the worst. 

The film follows amateur photographer Leon (Bradley Cooper) who is trying hard to break into the world of professional photography. This leads him to some late night shooting where he accidentally stumbles upon something terrifying. It seems that there is a killer riding the subway, catching the late train each night and butchering unsuspecting passengers. 

The movie makes no effort trying to hide the identity of the killer (Vinnie Jones) and I actually liked this aspect. The acting is good all round (I'm pretty sure Vinnie Jones was born to play the role of a psychotic murderer) and the cinematography and technical elements are great. Although I did find the cgi to be a bit dodgy especially concerning the blood.

Even though the movie is full of flaws, (especially regarding the photography angle) and the story is a bit far fetched, (I just can't swallow the fact that all of those people have been murdered and nobody has caught on yet) the movie is fun and enjoyable. Definitely worth watching and it is a fresh take on the horror genre, both in the way it was told and also the subject matter itself.

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