You may well have heard about the horror film Fetch a while back from Phase 4 Films. Well it seems that it's coming your way in only a few weeks, and it also has a new title; AMERICAN MANIACS. Enjoy the trailer below courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting.
Directed by C.M. Downs from a script by Trent Haaga, the film stars Ashlynn Yennie, Shawn G. Smith, Jason Curtis Miller, Kurt Hannover, Curtis Smith, Sharon Wright, and Krystal Heib.

Look for AMERICAN MANIACS on VOD from January 1st 2012.

Synopsis: In a small Kansas town, country life is anything but simple or safe. The inhabitants are a volatile mix of hostile predators, violent ex-cons, meth-head strippers, perverted cops and psychopathic murderers who raise flesh-eating dogs. They all underestimate each other, and for that…they all will pay!

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