SECONDS APART (2011) Review

Directed by: Antonio Negret
Starring: Orlando Jones, Edmund Entin, Gary Entin

I've always found identical twins to be a little creepy. But add some psychic powers into the mix and they can be downright scary. This is the case in SECONDS APART.

Seth and Jonah are identical twins born just seconds apart. They both possess an amazing and dangerous ability. Telepathy. While working on a project, things begin to spiral out of control for the twins when their classmates start dying in mysterious circumstances, and one especially sharp and intuitive cop suspects them. The pressure from the police officer and the addition of a love interest finally gets too much and the twins find themselves fighting against each other.

When it comes to movies involving telepathic abilities, the odds always seem very unbalanced and this is why the characters with these abilities have to have some sort of limitations. In this case the full power of their telepathy can only be brought forth when the twins are together. When pressure and jealousy divides these two boys, that is when things start falling apart.
The story isn't very original. Mysterious deaths and a smart cop hot on the trail of the killers, but still I thought this movie was a great attempt at a telepathic horror film. In fact I don't think I've enjoyed one of these telepathic horrors this much since I first saw Carrie.
One of my favorite aspects was the decision to use real twins in the lead roles, rather than a single actor playing two separate characters. This allows a wider variety of camera shots and scene construction. And the twins actually did a pretty decent job too.

The movie starts out with a bit of excitement and holds your attention pretty well for the first portion, but then it sort of slows down a bit in the middle. Thankfully toward the end it picks up again and it finishes with a great twist. There aren't any really scares or shocks here, it's more of a thriller/mystery but it does a better than decent job and it is certainly something worth watching.

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