Directed by: Declan O'Brien
Starring: Victor Zinck Jr, Kaitlyn Wong, Terra Vnesa

I thought the first WRONG TURN was a pretty solid film, and the second was enjoyable. The third was pretty bad but this latest offering is terrible. BLOODY BEGINNINGS is touted as a prequel but in all honesty it really doesn't matter whether you've seen any of the others or not, as this might as well be a standalone film. In fact it might as well not even be in the same franchise, because the feel of the previous movies is not evident at all.

The movie begins in 1982 with a weak origins story featuring an asylum and a certain trio of inbred residents. They escape their cell and slaughter the staff. Fast forward to 2003 and we are introduced to a group of friends who have decided to take a trip to the snowfields in West Virginia. They grab their gear and snowmobiles and head out. Predictably they make a 'wrong turn' and find themselves lost in a snowstorm, before stumbling upon an abandoned asylum. They think that they've found a safe place to wait out the storm but soon realise that they're not alone. The body count starts to rise while the storm blows relentlessly outside.

If you want a serious horror film then this is most definitely not it. It seems that they've completely done away with anything close to frightening and instead opted for a lot of mediocre gore effects, some dumb dialogue and even dumber characters. And I stress the word dumb. These are some of the most stupid people I have ever had the misfortune to watch in a horror film. They seem to make every single mistake imaginable including the classic "We have a perfect chance to kill them now, but let's not" and the ever popular "I'm supposed to be watching these prisoners but I guess I'll just take a nap"
I mentioned the gore already but I'll go into more detail. Inconsistent is the best word I could use to describe it. Some of it actually looked decent but then all of a sudden there would be buckets of horrible looking CGI blood. And even the practical blood looked horribly bad. Is it really that difficult to find a good recipe for fake blood?
The acting was bad, and the writing was even worse. If your friends were being brutally murdered would you really go out of your way to say something like "I think they just turned Porter into Porterhouse steak" ?

WRONG TURN 4 is a mess of stupid decisions, below par acting, bad dialogue and average effects. The director even seems to realise this and has thrown in a couple of random lesbian scenes probably to try and pull your attention from all of the film's flaws.
 There is an upside though. If you invite a bunch of friends over and drink your way through a few cases of beer you may just find yourself drunk enough to laugh at and even enjoy this movie.

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