THE WICKER TREE Official Poster

"Not the bees! Not the beeeeeees!" Oh wait, wrong film? Well thank fuck for that. The 2006 Wicker Man remake was horrible, I think we can all agree on that. The original from 1973 however was amazing and is now firmly a cult classic. It was directed by Robyn Hardy who is also responsible for this new film, which is described not as a sequel or a remake but rather a companion piece to the original which will "retain elements of The Wicker Man."
Multiple name changes including "Cowboys For Christ" have come and gone before finally settling on THE WICKER TREE. The film is scheduled for a January 27th release in 2012 from Anchor Bay and now we have the awesome looking official poster courtesy of Dread Central. Hopefully this new movie can help us forget all about Nicolas Cage's dreadful performance.
THE WICKER TREE is written and directed by Robin Hardy and stars Sir Christopher Lee, Graham McTavish, Henry Garrett and Jacqueline Leonard.

Synopsis: Young Christians Beth and Steve, a gospel singer and her cowboy boyfriend, leave Texas to preach door-to-door in Scotland . When, after initial abuse, they are welcomed with joy and elation to Tressock, the border fiefdom of Sir Lachlan Morrison, they assume their hosts simply want to hear more about Jesus. How innocent and wrong they are.

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