I've seen 2 or 3 clips from the new HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS (the 9th film in the franchise) and I think I can honestly say that I never want to watch it. Ever. And it seems that Clive Barker is not too happy about the film either. He was only really involved in the first two movies and has only been credited since because the characters being used are his creations. So it's easy to understand how he feels about this latest sequel, which was only made so that Dimension could keep the franchise rights. He took to his Twitter page on the weekend to let his honest opinion be known.

Hello,my friends. I want to put on record that the flic out there using the word Hellraiser IS NO FUCKIN’ CHILD OF MINE!” “I have NOTHING to do with the fuckin’ thing. If they claim its from the mind of Clive Barker,it’s a lie. It’s not even from my butt-hole.”

It's easy to feel sorry for the man, who's had his name linked to every shitty HELLRAISER sequel. But I kind of feel sorry for the filmmakers as well, since they had to make do with a shoestring budget and the short time Dimension had given them.

Has anybody seen REVELATIONS yet? Is it really as bad as the trailer makes it look?

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