REC 4: APOCALYPSE Goes Into Production

I loved REC, it was a great zombie film which was almost ruined by the weak demonic-possession storyline that followed in REC 2. But I still enjoyed the second movie and now I'm really looking forward to the third film as well. After seeing the posters and stills it looks like it's going to be a really bloody and fun movie.
But now thanks to Dread Central we have news that the fourth film REC 4: APOCALYPSE is currently in production. Which is kind of surprising seeing as we haven't had a chance to even watch REC 3: GENESIS yet.
There's not really a lot to report, other than Jaume Balagueró recently used his Twitter page to announce that REC 4 is in production.


  1. Awesome! I love the series as well & I'm looking forward to 3 & 4! :)

  2. I love the movies, but I was a little disappointed when they changed the story in the second film to make it some sort of weird demonic posession story. It would have been better if they left it as a straight zombie flick, but I still enjoyed it.

  3. I just finished watching rec 3 genesis its sooooo different i prefered the history in the building. Im patiently waiting for the fourth one :)

    PS:my friend got back from peru that why i got the movie and i live in canada haha!