CONTEST: Appear As A Character In An Upcoming Zombie Novel

Ever wanted to appear as a character in a novel? Or even better, a zombie novel? Well now you have a chance to do axactly that!
THE RETURN MAN is a novel by author Vincent Zito and is due out in March 2012 through Hodder & Stoughton. H&S are currently running a free contest for zombie fans, in which the winner will have a character named after them in the actual novel. Is that fucking cool or what? The winner will also receive a signed copy of the book. Entrants must be 18 years or over and all entries need to be in by August 21st.

For the entry form and full details, click here.

Synopsis: Four years after the zombie apocalypse, Henry Marco is a professional “corpse tracker” — hired by grieving survivors to find resurrected friends and family in the Evacuated States. Whether you’ve lost your wife, your husband, your child... just sign the contract, and Marco will return your suffering loved one to the beyond. A bullet in the brain brings peace to all.

But when Marco is forced to accept a government hit on the corpse of a mysterious doctor, it’s a contract that may be impossible to survive — a suicide mission into a wasteland of 40 million meat-craving corpses, pitting him against a ruthless Chinese assassin on the same trail.

And even more dangerous is the truth waiting for Marco someplace in the Arizona desert... the truth about the one corpse he cannot find. His own lost wife, Danielle.
The job begins now.

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