Surprisingly (especially to myself) I've actually enjoyed all four of the FINAL DESTINATION films so far. They may not be fantastic pieces of cinematic storytelling, but they are a hell of a lot of fun. There's the smallest hint of a plot which can be explained in approximately 30 seconds, and is exactly the same in each film.
So obviously I know what to expect when I go see the fifth installment this month. In fact if the 'storyline' deviated from the previous four films at all, I'd probably be a little disappointed. I really hope they haven't added some sort of surprise or 'twist' because there's only one reason I'll be seeing this movie. It's the same reason which forced me to watch all seven (so far) SAW movies.
I like watching people die in horrible ways. In fact I think deep down everybody takes some sort of pleasure in seeing it, whether they'll admit it or not.
And it's not just the gruesome deaths I enjoy, it's the whole setup of them too. The Rube Goldberg approach is really interesting and does a good job (in most cases) at increasing the tension.

But anyway, I'll stop boring you with my opinions now and let you enjoy the following clips before the movie hits theatres on August 12th. Enjoy.

Synopsis: “In this fifth installment, Death is just as omnipresent as ever, and is unleashed after one man’s premonition saves a group of coworkers from a terrifying suspension bridge collapse. But this group of unsuspecting souls was never supposed to survive, and, in a terrifying race against time, the ill-fated group frantically tries to discover a way to escape Death’s sinister agenda.”

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