THE LAST OF US (PS3) Trailer And Details

Give me any sort of post-disaster, survival story and I will be all over it. Movies, games, books you name it.  Fallout, Resident Evil, The Last Man on Earth, Mad Max, The Road are all favorites of mine. I don't know why but I've always loved these kind of survival horror, against the odds type of stories. This new game THE LAST OF US from Naughty Dog looks like it's going to be a combination of all of the above, so of course I am fucking excited and glad that I chose a PS3 over an X-Box 360. The trailer which you will find below, was revealed a couple of weeks back as Naughty Dog's new project. The trailer was revealed, but that was all. No storyline or other details, although just by watching the trailer it's pretty easy to see what the game will be about. But just in case, here are the latest details released by Naughty Dog.

"Abandoned cities reclaimed by nature. A population decimated by a modern plague. Survivors are killing each other for food, weapons; whatever they can get their hands on. 
Joel, a brutal survivor, and Ellie, a brave young teenage girl who is wise beyond her years, must work together if they hope to survive their journey across the US."

UPDATE: Here are the latest story details I've snagged courtesy of DreadCentral -

The world presented in The Last of Us takes place 20 years after an apocalyptic event has made civilization slowly fall apart.

 - The story begins in one of the last remaining military sanctioned quarantine zones where martial law is in effect and every preventive measure is being taken to prevent its collapse.
 - Joel is introduced in this quarantine zone as a man in his late 40's who has taken on a hardened exterior from the brutal events that occur in the new world. Joel works within the city doing any jobs that pay good money, and his latest assignment is to smuggle a 14-year-old girl out of the city.
 - Ellie is the 14-year-old girl in question, and she has never ventured outside of the quarantined walls of the city. Ellie is raised in an orphanage with many other kids, and she constantly gets into trouble.
 - The duo are soon discovered outside of the quarantine zone, and Joel is marked as a enemy of the military. Since reentering the city is no longer an option, the two set off to find one of Joel's friends that may watch over the girl for him in the outside world.
 - The outside world presented in The Last of Us imagines and closely imitates a world that has been forgotten by man and reclaimed by nature. Busy cities have now been taken over by vegetation, wildlife and other forms of nature.

Check out the official website for more videos and downloads.


  1. this game is going to be off the hook i just sold my xbox for a ps3 to play this n the uncharted games

  2. I can't wait to play it. I'm hoping it's like Uncharted meets Resident Evil.